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Drama In Real Life by Editors of Readers Digest (1980-11-01)

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Except for a peek now and then, I haven’t read The Reader’s Digest since I was a kid. People in Peril is like the best of the most jaw-dropping dramas that magazine has ever printed. I was really surprised and thrilled by the content; the writing, the drawings, Alive! | Book by Editors of Reader's Digest | Official Publisher Page ...

Real Life Drama | Reader's Digest Asia

How to Submit an Article to Readers Digest | Pen and the Pad What The Digest Wants. Reader's Digest is renowned for publishing gripping, real-life stories. Crime stories, adventure stories and stories about "everyday heroes" are among the magazine's most popular features and are most likely to catch an

You've probably heard that all legends have a basis in fact. That may not be true. These bizarre urban legends are – or were at least inspired by truth. True Stories | Reader's Digest

Drama in Real Life - Reader's Digest India - Articles on Health ... Reader's Digest India - Reader's Digest magazine and books offer arresting content How Technology Saved The Lives Of Two Injured Tourists In A Jungle In  Alive! by Reader's Digest Association - Goodreads As a child, I always looked forward to the new edition of Reader's Digest and one of my favorite sections was the "Drama In Real Life" stories. In "Alive," the editors of Reader's Digest have gathered some of the best of The Reader's Digest Drama in Real Life - Peter Canning is a 25-year Reader's Digest veteran who eventually fell in a power struggle. Here, he brings passion and insider detail to the remarkable story of the Wallaces, two Middle Americans who, on a "borrowed shoestring," created a $6